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House Wraps

  • These weather-resistive membranes are designed to defend against rain, wind, air, and moisture and provides a superior secondary line of defense against Mother Nature and her elements.

    Barricade protective house wrap are installed beneath the exterior siding to reduce air infiltration and act as a weather-resistive barrier. 

Structural Sheathing

  • Our Thermo-Brace structural sheathing is strong and uses quality fiber designed to add superior dimensional stability and strength.

    All of our sheathing products provide racking resistance and may be used as an alternative corner bracing method with structural ratings equivalent or better than OSB.

Roof Underlayments

  • Barricade synthetic Roof Underlayments are the optimal choice for all roofing coverings. As highly engineered synthetic underlayments, they provide superior tear resistance and a non-skid surface.